Tips May 26, 2021

May 26, 2021
tips, docker, git

Tip 1 # You have done some commits to your git repository and one of your mates that doesn’t have access to it wants to see the difference between two versions. Download diff2html npm install -g diff2html-cli Find the revision number and determine the file you want to check, then run the command: diff2html <revision-number> path/to/file.ext It will automatically open the browser and show the diff just like GitHub does it. ...

How to retrieve access to the client behind NPS proxy

January 3, 2021
go, nps, proxy, ssh

NPS is a nice proxy server which can be used to connect to your machine behind NAT. We have one Mac server in a small warehouse that runs some local application, but occasionally I need to connect to it using ssh. NPS solves this problem easily. I deployed a docker image on AWS, installed nps client to our Mac server, set some ports and now I can go home. ...

My path as a Developer. Swift and iOS

October 10, 2020
ios, swift, career

After the successful development and integration of our management system I had to move forward, and the next step was to learn a real coding! Fortunately it was end of the year with two major upcoming holidays - New Year and Chinese New Year, which meant I had a good opportunity to explore something new. As you remember from my previous post we have chosen FileMaker to build the system, so although it provides many client side applications, they were usually tend to be used internally therefore we were to develop something for our customers. ...

How I started my career as a developer

October 5, 2020
developer, career, filemaker

First job. # In 2014 after getting my bachelor degree on accounting I started to look for the first job in my life. Fortunately I have found one very quickly. I started my career as a manager assistant in a small logistic company in China. One day I was given the task to find someone who could create a management system for our company to automate some business processes. ...

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